Be-MW Invest & Consult Pte. Ltd.

Be-MW Invest & Consult Pte. Ltd. is a boutique Investment and Consulting company based in Singapore, Asia, with representations in Munich, Europe and Vancouver, North America. 


We offer:

- Investment opportunities in disruptive businesses, innovations and (r)evolutions

- Consulting, challenges and networks to small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers

- Operational excellence in Procurement


You have a great idea but don´t know everything yet? Neither do we! But together we can ensure that everything is done to make this adventure a success.

We won´t charge anything upfront - we want to be successful with you!


Please have a look at our business principles and reach out for a personal discussion.


You are interested in early access to  investment opportunities, want to help steer entrepreneurs with your experience or have a potential sales network? Our entrepreneurs need your support!


Please have a look at our current projects and contact us for detailed pitches.


You are a supplier and would like to join the supplier network with products and services? Our entrepreneurs need your support!


Please have a look at our current projects and describe the nature of your business and send as many details as possible.


Supacore GmbH

HQ: Melbourne, Australia; Subsidiary: Munich, Germany

Investment Year: 2017

Status: Funding Closed, Company Operational 


Supacore is a unique premium product, offering medical grade graduated compression.




StammBar GmbH

HQ: Munich, Germany

Investment Year: 2017

Status: Seed phase open, Company Operational


StammBar is a place where guests are looking for a place where they feel comfortable, can relax with friends and have a great atmosphere. One way to ensure that, is to let you serve yourself. Yes, let the guest pour their own beer when they want it because StammBar is not about the service, no, StammBar is about extraordinary hospitality.





HQ: Bad Honnef, Germany

Investment Year: 2017

Status: Seed phase open


HAWO-Trade is building the most innovative and most compact traffic solutions available - from speed enforcement to weighing in motion to automatic number plate recognition and distance control including red-light enforcement.


URL under construction




Nomad Nutrition Ltd

HQ: Vancouver, Canada

Investment Year: 2016

Status: Angel phase still open, Company Operational


Born in the mountain ranges of British Columbia, Canada, Nomad Nutrition is the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of wild places and good food. No MSG, no artificial ingredients. Just add hot water.




Coming up:

Travel Jambo

HQ: Geltendorf, Germany

Investment Year: 2018

Status: Consulting / Business Plan....

Olive Ankara  

HQ: Singapore

Investment Year: 2018

Status: Consulting / Company starting:




This Could Be You

HQ: Anywhere

Investment Year: whenever we are ready

Status: currently in the brain of a great entrepreneur


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team / Partner

Matthias Bertl



After 10 years in Singapore, most of which spent at a Dutch Bank, Matthias decided it´s time run his own show.

More to come as he rather enjoys talking than spending time writing an internet cv.


Christina Villamin Lane

Vancouver Operations


If (not when) Christina is not on a plane enjoying her passion for travel, she is running our Vancouver operations. If there is ever proper Wi-Fi in Economy Class she might even update this cv.


Sim Chai Fong

Singapore Operations


Chai Fong is a 3rd Generation Singaporean, having worked for consulting companies in the IPG world. A passionate entrepreneur, he is still thinking on how to best draft a CV and will update shortly...


Elias Hassen

Creative Mind


Elias, our Ethiopian-Bavarian art director is not a man of words, but pictures. Check out his IG: "EliasHassenFilmPhoto"


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